Select Publications

Volatile chemical products emerging as largest petrochemical source of urban organic emissions. B.M. McDonald, J.A. de Gouw, J. B. Gilman,S.H. Jathar, A. Akherati, C.D. Cappa, J.L. Jimenex, J. Lee-Taylor, P.L. Hayes, S. A. McKeen,Y.Y. Cui, S.W. Kim, D.R. Gentner, G. Isaacman-VanWertz, A.H. Goldstein, R.A. Harley, G.J. Frost, J. M. Roberts,T.B. Ryerson and M. Trainer. Science, 359(6377), 760-764, doi:10.1126/science.aaq0524, 2018.

Automated single-ion peak fitting as an efficient approach for analyzing complex chromatographic data. G. Isaacman-VanWertz, D.T. Sueper, K.C. Aikin, B.M. Lerner, J. B. Gilman, J. A. de Gouw, D.R. Worsnop, and A.H. Goldstein. Journal of Chromatogrpahy, A, 1529(81-92), doi:10.1016/j.chroma.2017.11.005, 2017.

An improved, automated whole air sampler and gas chromatography mass spectrometry analysis system for volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere. B.M. Lerner, J. B. Gilman, K.C. Aikin, E.L. Atlas, P.D. Goldan, M. Grauss, R. Hendershot, G.A. Isaacman-VanWertz, A. Koss, W.C. Kuster, R.A. Lueb, R.J. McLaughlin, J. Peischl, T.B. Ryersion, T.W. Tokarek, C. Warneke, and J. A. de Gouw. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 1(10), p291-313, doi:10.5194/amt-10-291-2017, 2017.

Biomass burning emissions and potential air quality impacts of volatile organic compounds and other trace gases from fuels common in the US. J. B. Gilman, B.M. Lerner, W.C. Kuster, P.D. Goldan, C. Warneke, P.R. Veres, J.M. Roberts, J.A. de Gouw, I.R. Burling and R.J. Yokelson. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 24(15), p13915-13938, doi:10.5194/acp-15-13915-2015, 2015.

High winter ozone pollution from carbonyl photolysis in an oil and gas basin. P. M. Edwards, S. S. Brown, J. M. Roberts, R. Ahmadov, R. M. Banta, J. A. deGouw, W. P. Dube, R. A. Field, J. H. Flynn, J. B. Gilman, M. Graus, D. Helmig, A. Koss, A. O. Langford, B. L. Lefer, B. M. Lerner, R. Li, S.-M. Li, S. A. McKeen, S. M. Murphy, D. D. Parrish, C. J. Senff, J. Soltis, J. Stutz, C. Sweeney, C. R. Thompson, M. K. Trainer, C. Tsai, P. R. Veres, R. A. Washenfelder, C. Warneke, R. J. Wild, C. J. Young, B. Yuan and R. Zamora. Nature, 7522(514), p351, doi:10.1038/nature13767, 2014.

Source Signature of Volatile Organic Compounds from Oil and Natural Gas Operations in Northeastern Colorado. J. B. Gilman, B. M. Lerner, W. C. Kuster and J. A. de Gouw. Environmental Science & Technology, 3(47), p1297-1305, doi:10.1021/es304119a, 2013.

Ozone varability and halogen oxidation within the Arctic and sub-Arctic springtime boundary layer. J. B. Gilman, J.F. Burkhart, B. M. Lerner, E.J. Williams, W. C. Kuster, P.D. Goldan, P.C. Murphy, C. Warneke, C. Fowler, S.A. Montzka, B.R. Miller, L. Miller, S.J. Oltmans, T.B. Ryerson, O.R. Cooper, A. Stohl, and J. A. de Gouw. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21(10), p10223-10236, doi:10.5194/acp-10-10223-2010, 2010.

Measurements of volatile organic compounds during the 2006 TexAQS/GoMACCS campaign: Industrial influences, regional characteristics, and diurnal dependencies of the OH reactivity. J. B. Gilman, W. C. Kuster, P. D. Goldan, S. C. Herndon, M. S. Zahniser, S. C. Tucker, W. A. Brewer, B. M. Lerner, E. J. Williams, R. A. Harley, F. C. Fehsenfeld, C. Warneke and J. A. de Gouw. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 114), doi:10.1029/2008jd011525, 2009