Other Seminars of Interest

The following seminars and seminar schedules at locations other than the DSRC or CSL may be of interest:

6 February 2024
Tuesday, 3:00 pm MT
CIRES Auditorium (Room 338)
Panel Discussion: Demystifying the Geoengineering Debate
Introduction: David Fahey, NOAA CSL, with panelists Waleed Abdalati, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) and Lisa Dilling, Environmental Defense Fund
Abstract: If society cannot eliminate greenhouse gas emissions fast enough to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, should we try to cool the planet through geoengineering? Should we develop geoengineering technology regardless? If we were to artificially cool the planet, when, where, and how should we do it, who should do it, and who gets to decide? These are some of the most controversial questions in climate science and policy. We are lucky in Boulder to have three of the world's experts on the science and policy questions related to geoengineering. Please join us for a panel discussion of these questions, moderated by the Center for Social and Environmental Futures (C-SEF) Director Matt Burgess. YouTube: C-SEF Seminar

Seminar information is subject to change. Please check these schedules frequently for updated information!